This game is horrible

Unity is horrible why do you have to use it?
This game is also horrible

I got awesome 3-5 ping (6 max) with my fiber connexion and still there is lag and rubber banding on all servers. There even is lag on my LOCALLY hosted test server. No, not fps drop, LAG.


I have awesome ping with my 1gbps connection and decent FPS with my average PC, shooting was a problem for the FPS in some patches but that’s it

Is someone forcing you to play horrible games?

I only have a 250mbit quad fiber optic but I don’t have lag, I don’t pretend to whine either, have a great day/night/teatime.

I guess you feel that you needed to state this because you feel by doing so your voice will make a difference? Sorry to bring you off of your high almighty but…welcome to early access

Sounds like you’ve got some shit network then.




From your previous posts it is clear that your pc is not up to snuff and you had issues with getting your graphics card to work. Can you fill us all in on what graphics card you are using and what kind of computer you have , i5, i7, pentium 3 etc ?

If your computer and ability to operate it are both flawed I cant imagine many games wont be horrible and laggy for you. I’m also a little interested on how you were able to get a local test server working when you required assistance in opening the rust client, its quite the leap in competency.

who cares?

I have no laggs with my crap german internet. 1000 DSL is so fast xD

Here’s your reply. Don’t spend it all in one place.

Perhaps you are mistaking me with someone else?

You win the dumbass award. Permanently.

Yeah you are right the game is shit if you play it on a crappy computer and shitty connection.