This game is more addictive to me than a MOBA...

I never thought I’d say this. But this really really is.

Why is it? Is it the lost progress in this game and moba’s alike combined with intrinsic reward of getting to the arbitrary “top” of this game that keeps us coming back for more?


I think it is addictive because there is so much to do. There is a big grind in the game that most people do not see.

A boring lecture on the history of pillow making is more addictive then a MOBA. :stuck_out_tongue: At lest to me.

I guess you haven’t smoked enough of that sweet sweet crack rock that they refer to as MOBAs.

I played some Dota 1-2 and LoL but I so mush more prefer any FPS or a MMORPG game when it comes to multi player games.

MOBAs are the new Call of Duty. That’s not a compliment.

How do you mean? Because of all the autistic rage?

There is a HUGE feeling of accomplishment in this game. When you finally get a house down, finally find that blueprint, finally make those guns, ect ect. I think that is why it is most addictive, that and it’s always LIVE/ONLINE, in which countless different/new scenario’s can always end up happening.

~ C

I just mean generally the crowd that MOBAs attract.