This game is not available right now


Restart Steam.

Did it 3 times.

I’m really pissed -.-

Do it again.

Just did.

If it helps, I started it first time today, went on a server and the gamemodes textures had been missing for some reason… never happened before. So I try to re-connect but it tries to re-download the map yet it doesn’t download even a bit, so I quit Gmod, try starting again and it tells me to Defrag Gmod, so I do but It’s not working (is says it is, but it does it in a few seconds and says “LULZ WE R DUN!”)

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Ok something is really wrong with Steam… I tried unistalling it, then installing it… “steam servers busy” but yet it becomes “play-able” again but it just gives the unavailable sign again…

what the …?

Restart your computer, if that doesn’t work, contact Steam Support.