this game is pointless solo

i think im about done with this game if you play alone or in a small group of 2 or 3 you have no chance.
this is not a survival game it is a gang warfare game either join up with a large group or don bother playing

Bullsh*t… I used to be a loner like you and i did NOT have any disadvantages against anyone. I lived on a rock, full armored upgrades, walls around my house to make it a villa, etc… It’s perfectly poqsible, you only need to put in some time and effort…

OP is exaggerating, but I see his point. Currently ALL the advantages lie with group play. You even regen hp faster next to other people…

due to body heath or comfort? Pffffft, get a campfire going… Of course you’ll get more advantages or get a faster progress when playing in a group. Yet it doesn’t require you do it. We all have our opinions and thoughts about everything, but it’s not 100% to your desire… There’s no need to call anything useless when it’s not!

OPs best point is: FP should fix the exploit of building rocks.

I play on a modded server that bans building on rocks and it prevents players from having those unraidable bases, and making the whole game about building a rock castle.

I also think currently the solo experience is too grindy. Hard to kill so many animals to get enough cloth, and on a populated server, you might lose everything and have to start over. It favors groups and established players too much. They should make it slightly faster to progress for a solo player; maybe increase cloth drops. Right now people will play on 5x gather servers because it is much more fun. Legacy has a better balance for solo progression.

You can manage solo, the issue is when you bump into said groups. Also if you aren’t able to log in pretty consistently and often you’re likley to find yourself raided and back to zero. We got raided within 20 minutes just by walking away from the base. I kinda agree on it being a “gang warfare” game at times XD

OP is a bit frustrated, and I can understand. When I go out mining by myself, I commonly meet somebody with a bow and arrow just itching to use it.

When I go out mining with a friend, suddenly, people we run into are nice and want to talk.

The BP thing also makes it a little tough by yourself as well.

That being said, playing by yourself is still plenty fun. You can still raid if you want to and properly defend your base if well built. And when some of these servers start to last longer, its the big groups who are going to get hit hard, because the cost of C-4 isn’t worth hitting a small base.

i play as a solo bandit alot and i not only survive but thrive, you just need some practice xD

thats false, i do play solo… sometimes with 1 or 2 friends… and im able to control the zone where i live… i have the biggest house and no one bothers me, just need to fit into the playstile imo

…Which is exactly what I wrote in that quoted text. I never said it was required to play in a group. The keyword here is ADVANTAGE, noun, a condition or circumstance that puts one in a* favorable** or superior position.*

I disagree heavily. it is harder to survive solo, which is what this game is about, survival. I am currently surviving solo on 2 servers, Rustafied (hard as hell to survive there) and Right to Rebel, still hard but not as high a population.

I take it as a challenge to survive solo.

i really love playing solo on rustafied :smiley: server is amazing

Make some friends, you introvert. :zoid:

come play with us then? we started recently:

Playing solo is like the Hard setting for the game. Depending on the server or where you build (close to a radtown) it’s like the Nightmare setting for the game. I like games that are hard.

You can survive solo.

Obviously the pros and cons of solo vs group will vary. To name just a few:

Benefits - faster material gathering. Easier land control. Harder to raid. Favorable in PvP and air drops. Easier to travel for nodes/materials and rad townsnwith multiple people.

Con’s - often misuse of materials with inadequate planning. Less building control and prone to mistakes if multiple people are building. More likely you will have enemies. Risk of betrayal.

Many online games benefit group play and teamwork if organized correctly. This isn’t really a one player game. So there shouldn’t be any punishment for those who work together. It is more realistic this way. I would even argue that if this was more real world it would actually be less likely a solo person could survive against those choosing to go solo.

Tip: find like one or two friendly neighbors that have bps and will help you out in making them. I have a few people that I have on my friends list that I’m OK with and make them guns so they can defend themselves and I’ll help them in return from raiders. That way you can still focus on doing most things solo.

Have to disagree with you here. I can survive along no problem. With a group of 2-3 like you mentioned, then you shouldn’t be having the problems you are describing.

I play primarily as a lone wolf. Its like a completely different way to play than in a group.
As has been said, its really about MORE TIME to learn the survival strategies like being a running nomad during start-up. Its harder to hit a moving target even by groups. You are going to lose your stuff, just develop ways to keep it longer to reduce the gathering back of resources.

Learn or create strategies, that’s all. I like Frank’s example of playing a game on hard or hardest level. Something I always try to set in a game.

single player = victim/loot stash, kill them on sight.
multiple players = possible butt rape, make friends with them.

logical i guess, but a pain in the ass when you are soloing:)

I am the one you never see
I live in the least accessible places
My base is meager yet deadly and resilient
I travel and resource at night
Craft and build by day light
I am at the airdrop before any other,
and gone before you can look for me
I am the one that everybody screams at
when they awaken to a raided base
but yet…they do not know who I am
All the while, I just keep makin more C4