This game is trashing badly

In the past few weeks I have played this game is amazing. But seriously why are the servers such trash? London III has crashed non stop. Quitting Rust then loading the game there are barely any servers listed. Hitting the refresh button does nothing. What is going on Jesus Christ? I just wanna play this awesome game…

Patients… Good things come to those who wait… Young Grasshoppa.

I mean Jesus right now there are 24,000 people playing… That equates to ($20 game purchase) $480,000. How can they not have stable servers with that income?

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Dude me and my clan have spent several hours since Thursday wipe playing this server… its an OFFICIAL FACEPUNCH SERVER!!! And they are taking a steamy dump on their customers…

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London III has been down for an hour now. What is going on???

Why are you even playing official servers when the options besides are plentiful?

I have never had a server crash. But again this is alpha

Official servers are for testing and are fairly unmonitored and the game is in Early Access. This isn’t a finished-release game where the official servers are well-maintained showcases to highlight the best the game has to offer.

If you can’t handle Early Access, I’m sure there are plenty of 1.0+ releases in your Steam library to play for a week or three while the devs iron out the recent server stability issues.

If it was really that easy to fix issues just because they’ve got a couple million dollars to throw at a problem, the game would be perfect already. But here in the real world, game development is not nearly so smooth and convenient. You’re in a construction zone, remember your hard hat.

Please tell me a community server that is consistently awesome. My clan will gladly join if we don’t have to deal with this crap

You might find a certain hesitation to share server IPs or names because of the server advertising rule in this subforum. However, there is an entire subreddit dedicated to Rust servers, as well as other community resources.