"This game is unavailable, Please try again another time."

Just got this, so umm…

What does it mean?

Try restarting your computer. Works most of the time.

Ctrl + Alt + Delete
Processes tab
hl2.exe - End it.

This fix method works fine for me.

Files are possible corrupted try an rename your gmod and exit steam start steam back up then load gmod.

Methods of fixing this varies from computer to computer. For me it’s a system restart and a nice cold glass of chocolate milk :3

Delete system 32.


Restart steam…

I get all of these things sometimes:

Steam is already running in a different Windows user session.

hl2.exe has stopped working.

The game is unavailable.

This task can not be completed in offline mode. (When i’m offline)

Most of us have bugs with Gmod.


For some reason, when exiting gmod, the process stays running. This also causes it to say that you are playing Gmod, and use more of your CPU as well.

So, yes, do this method whenever you get that Steam error and it will fix it.

Yeah sometimes you have to end Steam.exe, too. Garrysmod it crap like that sometimes. you gotta deal wit it.