"This game isnt available at the moment"

I got the “This game is not available now, please try again later” error or W/E it is… I done everything on the Steam FAQ and now im stuck, Its really annoying since it worked, then i came back 20min later and it didnt seem to work at all! Im playing on Windows7 if thats something.

For what game? Most of the times this is just a momentary glitch and if you give it some time it will go away. If it is still like this in 24-hours I would really worry, until then just wait it out.

Im posting in the Garrys mod section… so Garrys Mod.


Dont really wanna sound impatient, but bloodyhell i wont wait 24Hours :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it only Gmod or other games too?

Try going into C:/Program Files/Steam, and deleting everything except the steam.exe file and your Steamapps filder.

Or was that one of the things it told you to do on the support page?

Sometimes this happens to me. My hl2.exe doesnt close so I have to end the process.
Open your Task Manager and goto processes. If you see hl2.exe, end it.