This game isn't fun anymore.

Hi I just wanted to take a minute to post my opinion on the current development of rust. I started playing Rust back in the legacy days, got over 200 hours in before the new rust was introduced. I have to say at this point legacy is a lot more fun. The game seems to have gone from a survival game to a clan based raiding simulator. For starters it would be nice if the game could get more survival aspects. More and tougher npc’s perhaps. Something to occupy the populous(perhaps machines of war or alien ships that fly in the sky and will decend and raid your base if too much light is visible?) Just ideas I have had. Also for along time I have wished for more building options like say exhaust vents for furnaces . I mean if people really just had camp fires in there living room they would probably die from carbon monoxide poisoning. Would be nice if they did die if they didn’t build there house with the right vent chimneys placed. Instead I find the few simple things we can make have just gotten more complicated. I mean high quality metal ore? really? Also what does the mining machines actually bring to the game at all? Just another way to do the same thing? you know insects would be a nice addition to the game. People in starving countries eat them all the time lol Aswell as there could be poisonous spiders heck snakes. The maps are too populated now to feel like a survival game feels more like a village simulator but one full of murderers. Give people something else to do besides blow up peoples houses please! I used to really enjoy rust. Thank you

development mate

I had no idea Legacy had all these things that made it more fun than experimental.

Actually quite the opposite. The map was bigger so run ins with other people was a less frequent occurrence. The animals were actually sometimes difficult until you learned they couldn’t enter a foundation of hurt you on top of a pile of wood. The houses were harder to break into and there were some really awesome places to hide your base in the legacy map. Don’t get me wrong I am glad to see this game evolve. I just see it turning into a game entirely about blowing up other peoples houses and murdering them. I would like to see development on more end game materiel per say. Other things to do to keep players occupied. Fishing, vicious animal attacks, better building. Maybe ways to camouflage your residence. Some gameplay tactics geared towards small groups and or lone players. The traps were a nice addition. How about blue prints get earned via the play style of a player. Could be multiple branches. For players that usually only play solo or share there residence with one or two other players could earn blue prints more geared at hiding or protecting there house like trap bp’s. False floor with spikes under anyone? Maybe special wall bp that looks something like its suroundings or cover the house with vines and shrubs. For players that base with large groups car parts , larger weapons?? Maybe sniper riffles go to lone player styles. I’m just brainstorming. Hopefully the developers read this maybe like a couple of things. One other thing being able to contain the light within your walls would be nice. Maybe once again a special wall bp.

Most of the development staff was already in the development of rust legacy if I’m not wrong. So I’m sure they remember what they created before and I’m sure they are ‘brainstorming’ on how too add even more value to the game. So I would suggest take a break for month or two and check back again if it is going in the direction that you want.

its very server and population dependant IMO.

Well, from the perspective of someone who started on Experimental, tried Legacy after (and didn’t care for it), I can agree with the title of this thread, even though I don’t necessarily agree with the contents of the OP.

Rust needs game content now. We’ve seen a lot of stuff added or changed in the last couple of months. But all of it is just bits and pieces. They expand the list of things we can do in Rust, which is great in itself, but adds very little gameplay value. To me, it’s getting a bit stale. We need actual gameplay added to keep things interesting, and there hasn’t been any of that.

But looks like we’re going to get more useless, zero stat head gear instead. Because looking cool in game matters.

You guys are asking for a new game, not for rust to change. There are too many players that play rust for what it is, and you’re asking for a game to take a complete turn for something its not. Play something else if you’re dissatisfied.

umm was it?

I’m having trouble determining whether this post is satire.

Legacy had predictable animals that could easily be kited and were visible a mile away. Nobody ever died of starvation or cold. In what way was Legacy more of a “survival” game? And how does adding chimneys and edible insects improve the situation? Insects? I throw away meat at this point, as there’s no reason to waste time in front of a campfire… I can’t run from one place to another without stepping on a dozen mushrooms, and one run through a rad town nets enough food to be full for an entire play session.

Hey, I’m all for meeting this month’s quota for “Where’s the survival aspect?” threads, keep them coming until we see some change. But don’t point to a murder simulator like Legacy and ask why the new Rust can’t be less like a murder simulator and more like that.

Yes but no. The playable area was about the same as a 4k procgen map but the map was 12k x 12k but all but that bottom left corner was a wasteland with no resources or rocks.

Thank you for addressing that.
There were areas were you could seemingly get lost and would not find your way back it was so big and empty

You could end up learning it, I know I did. I played for several months on a server that had 10 tp slots and pretty much everyone had a secret base out in the wasteland, thinking he could get away with it. I spent so much time there finding and raiding bases that I learned to know the whole map. It was humongous and almost devoid of landmarks, very confusing at first but eventually you’d figure it out. Took like 5-6 hours just to walk the perimeter.

What nobody seems to know is that rust is a social experiment and you only truly win the game by uniting the people of the server, building a fighting arena, and then constantly pitting well-armed opponents against one another to test their mettle.

(there’s lots to do, it’s a game that gives you tools to generate an experience, not spoonfeed you one. c: )

Find a better server with better players if you’re sick of people falling to the same tired bare-minimum gameplay strategies.

Those who complain about nothing to do obviously have no imagination.

I’m trying to put out ideas to gain depth of game play and I’m the one with no imagination… I’m actually quite astonished at times by the lack of imagination of posters on forums like you. There is no reason to hate on my idea’s and opinion’s. I would genuinely be more impressed with creative ideas.

Fun is subjective? Play something else? :why:

No offense, but nothing you posted is original. It’s been suggested before.

i think the only thing experiemental needs, is not zombies, but some AI that is a risk to players. I mean come on, in legacy, zombies and reds gave loot as did radtowns, now its radtowns and barrels.

give us an AI that is a risk to us when we go outside. Dogs chase but are easy to kill. Bears just stand in rocks half the time like idiots…

Maybe robo quadcopters with RPG’s. Or those things from the Tron movie that crush you.