This game makes you recycle stuff

Name:This game makes you recycle people

NEW!EDIT: This is a game where are playing a deathmatch game with a twist
when you kill your enemys they drop a box from there body you can use that box for two things
one: use it to make a base around your flag.
two:use it to climb over your opponents base like a stair case.

This is my first gamemode and i need someone to make a map, also any help from the pro’s would help alot if you help at all i will put you in the credits.

Please post ideas i would love that alot

:a map
:more ideas to add to the game

Day one Side note’s
:Darn i may have to make it deathmatch if i can get the game to work XD
Day Two Side note’s
:crap all i try never works i cant get the game to work at all
:just got grea$emonkey’s awesome fretta template and now my gamemode is actualy looking like its going to work

NEW! Thanks to:
grea$emonkey- for his awesome fretta template thing now i can actual make things start working

Where’s the recycling base? :ohdear:

when you kill your enemy he drops a box that you use to build a base or in my mind i found it as you recycle your enemy to build your base if thats not recycley enuff i will find somthing more recycley

Just don’t copy my idea :v:

ohh i wont im helping you on it so why would i copy whan im apart of :smiley:

darn i may have to pull out of the contest cant get anything to work

-snip read it wrong-

I didn’t say he was copying me.

yea anyway i cant get anything to work at all so i might have to just quit :frowning:

Another one bites the dust.

yea i was cleaning my gmod and deleted it by acsedent im out of the compititon