This game stutters to a point where it is unplayable.


I just started playing this game with some friends and we were having a good time for about two hours before I had to shut down and go do some stuff. When I came back, turned on my PC and booted rust, the game just stutters like shit no matter what I do do my video settings. The game was running buttery smooth before. Is there a way to fix this?

Hard drive failing? my current computer stutters like crazy, every 2-3 seconds it has a very mild freeze, I’ve put it down to my hard drive is about to die and am just gonna wait until I get my new build if not, reinstall and/or verify the game cache and give it another shot

I had this problem last night. Restart router fixed it. Does it fuck up your voice chat too? If so its network issue!

for a lot of people they still get the occasional stutter glitch, but did your video card default to intel hd when restarting your pc?

dude i get massive stutter too the game is basically unplayable.