This guy makes the rest of you look weak


mmm OK, why is there a light???, you shouldn’t pose stuff on flatgrass, or construct unless you are doing like a scene build or somthing.

Try to avoid using default models.

Yeah what these guys said.

Yea and what chesty said.

Why? Does he have to do like everyone and use shit soldier models which aren’t faceposable and crappy “realistic” weapons?

  1. Default CSS guys have shit textures.
  2. Default CSS guys aren’t faceposable either.
  3. Default CSS weapons are severely low-res (in terms of model and texture).

What I found wrong about this picture:
Default models (Yes, it does matter, _Kilburn)
Some posing issues
There’s a boat in the middle of a grassy area. Did he bring that boat in his little schoolgirl backpack?

Hmm… Nah I don’t like it.