This guy won't ask you guys for help, what do I do?

Does he have a account on FP? If yes report him to Warez Mods.


No GMod.

I said that too him in the chatlog, should I block him?


Maybe he has Gmod 9.

But probably he is just pirate - i’m from poland like he, and i know what polish people think about copyrights and all kinds of laws that make them pay for something.

No need to block him if he’s a friend, just tell him he should buy Gmod.

And theriddlen: Even Gmod 9 shows up as being played on Steam because it’s a source mod and needs Steam to run.

Tell him to fuck off :buddy:

Tell him to wedge his head up is own asshole, Then tell him to stop lieing and BUY THE REAL GAME !!!