This is a comic about toy soldiers

This is another comic made by me.

Click the picture of shark for part 1

Click this picture of a ferret eating a chapstick bottle for part 2


That chapstick looks delicious

Oh, the comic was brilliant too, what with the rifles stuck up the asses

I can’t say how much more awesome this is. It reminds me of my childhood :haw:

Haha awesome, i use to play with my dads old warhammer 40k figures and do this.

Ahhhh, youth.

One of the most original comics I have seen in a long time.

I miss being a kid now. My whole back yard has remains of toy soldiers… Who knew fun could come in a bag and be so cheap.

Good comic.

This thread makes me wanna dig up my old box of toys and play around with them…
Time does change people…

Altho I’m still the kind of guy that buries other’s people stuff when mad.

That was amazing… have a palette

amazing indeed.

Awesome! Just awesome!

Hehe. Brings back memories.

Nice comic.

This was fantastic :smiley:


I giggled at the kid parts.

Hillarious, that was rather awesome. Nice job!

Great comic!

Haha, nice one. Some frames were edited very nicely!

Genius, don’t you just love kids these days?

Ah, flipping the tanks upside down. When I played with toy soldiers years ago a tank “would be killed” by flipping it upside down. Good times.