This is a message to other server owners regarding Top Rust Server website

So I guess the Top rust server website is suppose to “keep track” of the best servers on rust and have a voting system. I personally don’t use it myself, but today I was informed from one of my regulars that someone had gone onto that site and “claimed” my server? And they are writing bs descriptions on it. I personally don’t use this site, because I don’t have a need to. But just the fact that this website lets ANYONE claim a server is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. So as of right now some douchebag has “claimed” my server on this website, which makes this whole website invalid in my opinion. Just to let you other server owners out there know. I guess people do go to this site and i guess anyone can claim a unclaimed server.

Yes, because it is possible to identify the owner of the server…

This happens everywhere in the world. I don’t see why the site is bad because of it.

I’ve claimed my own server but I agree that the way they allow you to claim any server (if you know its IP) is too easy and can be used to scam.
There should be a name tracker or sth like it was with DayZ that you had to change server name using generated code in order to claim it on gametracker.
Then it’s more or less verified that only server owner could change the server name in .cfg file.

I agree that the authentication system to claim a server is nonexistent. Sad really considering that this could be a useful tool at some point. I claimed ours a couple days after the site went up to prevent this from happening to us. I believe you can dispute ownership and get your server back if you wanted.

What are you talking about, there are a bunch of ways you could confirm (or at least properly attempt to confirm) that a particular person is the person renting the particular server.

-A forwarded email from the hosting provider confirming the IP, name and details of the server and owner
-A whois if there is an associated domain name
-A manual check requiring a pre-determined phrase sent to players in the server via console

The site is dumb because it doesn’t enforce proper confirmation of ownership procedure

there are multiple ways to identify a server. This website just lacks the tools necesary to do it which makes this server unreliable.

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I personally think that if you wanted your server on it in the first place you can go to the website and add it in yourself, as to it already being in there and having some random person claim it and scam the shit out it


You click claim server, they give you a unique code, you put that code in your servers hostname, you click confirm.

A plugin could be developed and frankly would generate toprustservers a hell of alot more traffic if they would use their noggins.

Create a Top Rust Server plugin that does the following

When you claim a server is yours you must first install the plugin
A random code will be generated that you must type in the console using a TRS call
A random message saying to vote for our server on TRS with a short url easy to remember

It’s a win/win because you get people voting for you that play on your server and TRS get’s the shoutout on every server they support via the auto message sending them more traffic.

What they need on their team is me. I do this kind of stuff for a living. I am a business think tank.

So you exclude every server without mods/this plugin, but it would somehow generate a hell of alot more traffic…

Most of the server listings on TopServers are crap anyway and they don’t have any real decent filtering options.

I’m not saying it’s complete garbage…just that it needs work.

You clearly don’t understand how it works.

Do you or anyone you know actually go to TRS to browse for a server to play on? No.