This is a teamgame.

hi guys. im playing solo since my friends stopped, and ive had fun. its ok. making some allies that u dont kill and they dont kill u. just playing banditing alone and stuff. but when drops get a big part and raiding happens more often, its just not possible to play alone. u’ll get instakilled at drops by groups of 5 with fullkev, and if u manage to get c4 u need to wait for them to get offline to raid them.

im dutch, speak english too and im looking for a clan or team i can join. im a pretty good pvper. 17 yr old and got around 250 hours?

Nup. No thanks

very funny. condolences with your mom

How deep is your accent?

i speak american, and my accent isnt annoying or very noticable.

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i mean that i dont speak british or something with an overkilling accent:D

Add me on steam: wumbledorf and we can play in an hour or two

Did you really have to say that

He’s on the kill on site list now.

if you’re on or still want to team up I play alot and am looking for a team mate. Anyone else can come talk to me on ts3 first and get my info to come play the game. info is

Thats a fucking lie and you know it.

sounds like you dont want to team up

Join Mah steam group

There are certain conditions for entry
we are honorable bandits :3

when you say british…? my accent is rather mild in comparison to others, i’m from East Scotland, whilst i know of someone from another area(i daren’t mention) whose accent is overkill. i also know of someone from georgia(USA) who definitely has an overkill accent.

I’ve played w/ 2 people who have British accents. Both were funny as fuck to me because their mannerisms and verbage are so outside what I’m used to experiencing/hearing, but their accents weren’t inhibiting to my communication with them/our playability together.

our insults are awesome arent they

They are. I feel like they sting more than the traditional american, “gayhomofagqueerbitch”

Hell since playing Rust I call people twats a lot more, even irl.

So thank you. I love all of you.