This is after the update. Completely ridiculous.

Rust is now quickly gobbling up memory and is now sitting at 13.89Gb on the client side after the last update.

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I mean what now, we have to run a minimum of 32g of ram to play rust?

Best advice, do what most people are doing now days. Leave for a few months wait for the devs to make the large changes, like the XP system and then come back. ATM I have just over 15 people on my friends list who have left rust until changes are in place. The XP system will be a game changer, so whats the point of contiuning to play when BP and basic things you do now will be gone in a month or two.

Easier said then done when you run a server and have to listen to players crying about it. They used to recommend your system have at least 8GB of ram to play rust, I have 16GB and the leak is causing issues for me so I can only imagine what people with 8 are going through.

Is this vanilla or with plugins?

Restart the server? Every server I play on(mod) needs to be restarted every 4-12 hours. Sometimes its the culprit of poor mods, sometimes the game just eats memory.

You know… “Available resource” means “resources i can use”.
When I do some rendering blender happily chugs through all my ram and all my cpu cores.

I am still using 10gb of ram without having any problems. the devs fixed many lags on monuments. Maybe you should try adjusting your graphic setting and max gb ram used.

think when you play the memory accumulates, so I use a program that cleans the memory continuously and automatically not accumulating.
but I do not know if this is your problem