"This is Alpha-4, we are under attack!" 2 mercs get ambushed by zombies

kind of generic, but ah well… stoned anyway :smiley:

lookin good, very nice camera angles.

=D thanks

It looks like they’re dancing.

This looks pretty good!

I was looking at the first pic and said “Damn, the pic looks awesome”, then i saw the second pic and I felt the inmense urge to rate this optimistic.

But it looks too nice to do that, so I’m rating artistic :stuck_out_tongue: Nice shading and lights on the zombies.

thanks! all ingame =D

They’re okay. That guerilla guy has a weird weapon.

Take note, people ruining their pictures with editing.

Love the second angle. :love:




Huh… Sorry. :smiley:

I think those two are about to kiss :3

Awesome, awesome angles. Nice work.

Poor zombies.

thanks guys, ye the second picture was more of a joke =D

This man tells the truth.

lol you guys

The second picture… is kinda gay lookin.

First pic is teh win.