"This is Alpha"

Every time I go into a forum post and someone is recommending something for a future update or they are mentioning a bug, all I see is some idiot commenting, “It’s Alpha”. I am sure by now everyone knows that they have opted into an alpha game. We are recommending game implementations for future updates you don’t have to tell me it is alpha. The forum is meant to spread ideas about what you want and don’t want in the game. I am so sick of seeing these posts.

This is an Alpha*

No offense Var, but a great many of these posts come off the exact opposite in the fact they seem to have zero idea WHAT an alpha is and they have forgotten they bought into a REAL one.

I don’t see people that have ideas or reporting bugs being told its alpha. I see people coming in here and crying about lag, or complaining about the game rather then giving insight being told its alpha.

Its one thing to offer ideas and report bugs, its another to just complain.

I do not think anyone here has a problem with people coming in and giving ideas, they may not agree with some of them but I don’t see anyone pulling the “its alpha card” on people with constructive ideas.

Hmm, where was it… ah yes.

This is why “it’s alpha” matters.