This is also a thread

garry mod so grat why gret harry mod i lov garry mod


I don’t believe you. Prove it

i demand proof that this is a thread, give me your credentials.

omg this is a thread?? Who is fred???

It’s a natural reaction to seeing a thread.
These are reasons why this is a thread

  • It’s posted under a category
  • It contains content
  • You can continue it with extra content
  • It simply is a thread

Thank you for joining me on this thread prepper. See you around!


thankyou Mr Fred Pepper

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i love fred!!!

fred for facepunch staff 2020

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Can it view twitter posts?

Looks like it can!


the futures looking bright for this forum, what can’t this wonder of technology do?!

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I don’t know, but replies are looking great!

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can you ping discobot within a thread for the commands

@discobot fortune

edit: you can!

:crystal_ball: You may rely on it

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@discobot roll 2d6

Привет! Чтобы узнать, что я могу сделать, наберите: @discobot cправка.

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you broke it!!! :frowning:

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Oh noooo >.<

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my god what are you doing.wav

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I killed 8ball for a reason and now it is back in its final form :frowning:

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@discobot start new user