"This is betrayal"

This is my second work in the area pozinga G-mod. Here, I treat with a little photoshop, and with filters. Pre easy for such a bad image on the monitor, RT camera does not provide good quality, as well as for my bad English.


Here is filtering image


Filter rape.

I hate the ingame blood decal.

You need to turn up your graphics or buy a better video card.

Hmmm … In fact, all settings on maximum.

The model is just low res when looked at closely?

You might have them set to max in the menu, it doesn’t actually mean your computer is capable of running the game at max. I’m looking at the blood decal mostly. I know that default thing is shit but it looks extra shit here. I might be wrong though.

I think so. I used original models from Half life 2 amd CSS, and some cop model.

Can you tell me more?