This is destroying the game

Hacking. Plain and simple. Its one thing if there are hacks on community servers, but the fact that there are people constantly hacking on the official servers is ridiculous. I know several of my friends have stopped playing because the people hacking are going around constantly killing people and ruining the game for others. Some of the hacks i’ve seen/ heard of are Flying, Super Jump, Speed Hack, 24/7 Daytime, being able to locate people anywhere, and Aimbot. Those are the ones that i have heard of. Aren’t these servers supposed to be VAC? If so, its not doing it’s job very good.

There are ways to fix the hacking. First off, could just put in a better anti-hack software. Such as Punkbuster too. Another thing that could be done, which i personally think should be done regardless is having admins on the Official servers. After all, it is an official server and there should be admins there to stop people from hacking and doing other such things as well so we can enjoy our time playing.

This hacking needs to come to an end. The server that I’ve been playing on, North America 1 (Stress Test), used to have a population of 150+. Now, there is like 50. It’s killing the population. There are other people coming to this server saying their other server had a lot of hackers as well. After all, aren’t official servers supposed to be the face of the game? Where there are no hacks, no mods, no nothing but the original game. From playing the amount of time I have, this hacking is deterring people, myself included, from playing this game.

Besides the hacking issue, I really do not have any other complaints about this game at all. This is a wonderful game and I am seriously looking forward to what will become of this game.

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You’re probably going to get a week ban for this post, but yeah. Everyone that plays on official servers agrees with you. The AMA a ton of comments calling out the lack of apparent swift action on Facepunch’s part. I’d recommend trying a smaller server with default settings and no admin abuse, it is what I’ve had to resort to.

They have said that they don’t want to use Punkbuster because it is unreliable. Sure, they could write their own anti-cheat engine. But don’t expect it to be active tomorrow, or next week, or even next month. How hard do you think it is to write that engine for a game that is constantly evolving?

You clearly dont know how VAC works. it sits in the back, and watches. oh, your hacking. oh, looks like your hacking too. and you. and you. few weeks later, BOOM 1500 vac bans.

Please explain how punkbuster is a better anticheat? it requires constant updates and forces you to install a program, and does virtually the same thing as VAC(and in my opinion does the exact same level of job, just not in the shadows)

lets say we have 10 admins monitoring the official servers. each makes… 20$ an hour(which is probably a lowball, but thats a decent wage where i reside). working in shifts, they work around the clock, with 2 people at a time. Think about the cost of that after a month. 2 month. a year? facepunch would be out of money before the game is finished.

What people dont realize, is the hacking that happens NOW makes it harder to happen when the game is done. exploit after exploit gets found, than fixed, and is no longer something the hack is capable of.

Without a number based system in place(such as fairfight) things like flying/noclipping/super jump/speed hacks will be possible. Bannable once vac does a wave, but possible. Even with them, its still going to happen, but it will remove them alot faster.

If facepunch stopped production to focus on removing hacks, within a month there would be just as many people bitching about the lack of content.

Community servers exist for a reason. find one thats whitelisted and join up, or just some with active admins.

I was just giving that as an example. That was the first thing that came to my mind.

Now i have a problem with this statement. Im not sure exactly how many copies they have sold, but I know that the game DayZ has sold 1 million + copies and according to steam, Rust is selling more. So I know for a fact that the developers have loads of money. Especially since I dont think their team is very large.

I’m sure it will all be fixed before the game is actually released, but this game is getting very popular now and it is severely deterring people from playing it when they log on and they see people hacking everywhere.

Well well, let me see what we got here?

So first of all, u say first u heard/seen those hacks than u say those are the ones u heard about.
Well you contradict yourself in only 2 sentense, what it makes it quite simple, it shows me that u only think that those hacks are out there. You dont know it, u only think it that these are possible.

Another fact its that speed hack, being able to locate people anywhere and AIMbot are only possible to see for persons who use them or for the VAC. So in that fact, u say u use them or u only think that someone use them.

The other hacks u talking about, Flying, Super Jump are proofable, so if there are those hacks proof it! If u can’t than it’s again the point like before u only think that they are there.

The 24/7 hack is little more complicated. One hand it could be handle from the Server but than everyone can use it or again the point u also use it so u can say it is there or u only think.

So what is the line of your “problem”? U Only talk about thinks that could be there or maybe not only based on heard/“seen” and thats the same like i would say " the earth is a Disc or complet round" and both are totally wrong.

This isn’t the first time hacking has run rampant but again ( I know it’s been said more times then there are grains of sand ) it’s alpha, they are more concerned with making the game stable and releasing content, obviously cheating will be a very high priority when the game is near finished but as of now, it’s the least of their concern ( as mods have stated on the 1000 other posts about cheating.) So for now just play around the hackers and enjoy the game for what it is at the moment.

Vac doesnt even work. There are people who have been VAC banned and are still playing the game. Wondering what VAC is banning them from?