This is game breaking to me

This is in my top 5 games but the night… I like it, its “spooky” and cool. But day time needs to be doubled… It seems like I go outside get a few things and by the time I get 1.5 of what I need I gotta go back to base because I cant see anything, literally.

Is there any servers which have longer day? Can it be a server option for hosts? I like night alot in this game but its really starting to ruin the game for me to the point i’m just logging off.

You have a torch for a reason, if you get caught in the dark, whip it out and navigate your way home.

Point is I dont want to go home if I wanted to stare at a wall id do it in real life, it has better graphics.

I fail to see what your complaint is then, like I said, you have a torch for precisely that reason: navigation in the dark

Save your crafting for when it gets dark. You have a decent amount of time before it gets pitch black and if you really need the resources you can wait out the night without going home.

I know I do but I need more materials not everyone is in “noob spawn” where resources are everywhere it takes a little time to walk there which is fine, but since this is such a big game that involves being outside (unlike minecraft where the point is to dig) it should have more day time or at least the option for servers.

I disagree, part of the survival aspect is knowing that there is impending darkness coming, and that you need to adequately prepare. As I said earlier, you have a torch for exactly that reason.

How many times are you going to say torch? And disagree with it being a server option? Thats a dumb flag. If you want to play rust like that you might aswell turn all the lights off in your house and play with a lighter instead. I on the other hand want to build (while seeing what im doing) and find resources.

There is no need to be rude, I am telling you my opinion, you don’t need to agree, but you don’t have to be like that. If you want to gather resources, then fine, do it in the day, if it gets dark, you whip out the torch (sorry,) search for a resource pile, get out the pickaxe, harvest until gone, whip it back out, go searching again, rinse and repeat, no need for a longer day, just a modified playstyle :smile:

Sadly they dont really have a advance option yet for Brightness adjustment and as the game continues to progress im sure that people will make daytime only servers and the like.

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Dude, you literally cannot help but shitpost in every rust thread you see can you?

The guy would like daytime servers or extended daytime servers. Whats the problem with him wanting to enjoy the game he purchased the way he wants too? Why do you constantly have to down and shitpost anyonr with an opinion you dont like? Moderators fucking ban this guy already he has literally thread hopped into another persons thrrad to just shitpost again and start another flamewar because of the guys views on the game so far.

Hell his first response was a shitpost and HE WAS THE FIRST ONE TO POST.

Dude, just let it go, you are the one shitposting here…

@toasty yeah I figure they will add it too idk guess I shouldent of made a topic on it since its almost a super obvious feature to have added. But yeah a lot of downers on forums, not a surprise.

It isnt really a opinion if you are telling me how to play. If theres a server with more day time then night I can bet anyone that it will get more people then the current build. Sorry but torches arent real light, its like a 2 inch flash light in a underground cave.

>claims im shitposting
>first post on this thread was on topic and too the point of what OP was stating and understanding where he was coming from
>read every post on this thread
>see every post you make is just bashing the player for wanting a daylight server and referencing back to “torch” whenever he states your shitposting

dude you deserve a 1 month ban at the least for literally hopping threads to shitpost and flamewar AGAIN

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It’s just an opinion, I respect yours and you may be right, people may like it better, I am just saying it doesn’t feel fitting for a survival game, is all. If you are suggesting adding more daylight hours, it would have to be evenly balanced with night hours, just for reason of fairness, in my opinion, do I make sense?

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Give it a rest please, I never tried to start anything here, you are the one starting trouble…

Dayz has like 10 hours of daylight. It has long night too but people usually stop playing about that time. Not that I want anything close to that. Id want like 2 hours of day and 30 mins of night, 40 mins in between. That feels more like a survival game then it changing in between faster then some of my music videos.

That just really doesn’t seem fitting, I would propose closer to two hours of day, and one and a half hours of night, with something like that, what you are proposing would make the game too easy, night is something you should fear.

Night makes nothing harder other then seeing. Even raiders usually do it at day or morning at least. Idk I guess over a hour of night would be ok id just play 2 different servers and switch during the night. Like I said I like night, but limited night. If night was fun I wouldent be here right now.

And I understand that, I completely agree with you on the gameplay standpoint (to be honest, the short day kinda annoys me too,) but the thing is, you do need to realize this is a moderately hardcore survival game, that means you are screwed if you are caught in the dark and are unwilling to improvise (e.g. using the thing I am not to mention.) You can’t just say “oh, the day is too short, let’s make it longer, but the night? Ah, let’s just leave it how it is,” it’s like a well-balanced equation, you do to one side what you do to the other, if you add daylight, then it is only reasonable you add night time as well. Just my thoughts though.

Many places on earth have more daylight then night, why would this be cheating like you make it sound? Night doesnt make anything hard just makes you lost. If this was 7-days to die or minecraft id agree but this is a looting,resouce gathering,building survival game. You cant even sleep. In real life if you sleep a lot its totally possible to never see darkness longer then a hour (while day is 12), in this game you are force too (and quickly) experience night. I want to experience night in gamedays but not so long that it dulls down my game experience. Imagine the torch you are talking about as a hotdog, then imagine then night time as a hallway. No matter how many times you put the hot dog in the hallway you arent ever going to fill it.

Dude, seriously. The Hotdog down a hallway? nice…