This is how I get Raided :(

Anyone got same situation?

lol that’s… creative.

Thats how everyone gets raided, I’m surprised this is the first time you’ve seen it.

Leave an open window or no ceilings for an hour and I guarantee you come back to a box-ladder.

No it was the first time for me ;(
I won’t let open space anymore


Magic beans? … I mean magic crates?

That’s why you have doors throughout your house man. I know it’s a huge pain if you ever want to share a house with someone but, as has been stated before, if you leave an opening people will find a way to reach it. I always build a house in completely sealed layers with another metal door for every foundation transition if I have the metal for it.

That also helps prevent you from losing much if you get raided since you’ll have spent all your metal securing the structure anyway. =D

How’d they even get the boxes on the side of the wall like that? Still only lets me put it on the ground

Don’t worry dude soon the game will be completely moved to steam(I think)and Hackers,Cheaters and Exploiters would removed so don’t feel down :slight_smile:

Only problem this isn’t cheating or hacking,its placing crates on top of each other lol

It’s exploiting, which is ban worthy.

I haven’t done it myself but I don’t see it as exploiting sorry,its placing boxes on top of each other,its part of a sandbox game and whoever came up with that is pretty creative (the original guy not the guys who copied him)

Someone could have placed a foundation below his house and build stairs and get in the same way.
No roof,no windows, this house was a free loot run :slight_smile:

Thats how I learned the hard way not to build windows and always have a roof :slight_smile:

i must say this is cheating, but this problem i think must know the admin, why doesnt fix this.

Read the bottom one. It’s getting worked on.

You can avoid it through better structural design. For example, I use an “observation deck” implementation where my second floor is empty with just the stairwell (which is completely self contained). So the first floor is a 3x3 with walls all around (and stairwell in the center), the second floor is a 1x1 (stairwell and only pillars on the exterior), then the third floor is another 3x3 with the stairwell in the center and the rest of the floor open. The stairwell leads to the roof which is just an open observation deck.

From the distance it looks like a capital “I”.

Whats to stop someone from building out on your second floor? Ive always been cautious about leaving open pillared areas were people could just add walls and a door and have enclosed access to my inner walls with time and protection to blow them out.

I try to design my builds to make it as expensive as absolutely possible for someone to get to my storage box’s (lots of doors and walls between outer shell and inner secured areas.) our last build was like 9 or 11 foundations wide and 5 stories high. (built over time)

I had Foundation all around my house with pilars in center to prevent ppl to build stairs. I also had Metal door between every Foundation.

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Anyway thx everyone for your feedback. I will go for full sealed house until it gets fixed.

Take care and have in the game from Steam now :slight_smile:

You can add metal doors in VERY inconvenient places which will stop walls from being built (just play around with wooden doors to find places that will let you and then destroy them and replace them with metal ones if you are sure it makes it grief proof). That is ONE way to easily do it. You could put it further off the ground than the second floor (could make it 3rd or 4th), but the big thing is that the people using boxes are doing it NOT so they can grieve build but rather so they can raid. So it’s a method to deter to a certain type of behavior because the types that will likely build on your property aren’t going to put in the effort to climb up anyway.

the only people iv seen doing this is Frenchies… but they are bad always using this to get into peoples houses… they got shiton trying to get into my house doing this