This is how the current Rust server works

This very much applies to the Rust server atm.

Who the fuck dresses like this?

  1. No.

  2. You’re wearing a fucking ghillie suit.

“…And I’m just shooting because I’m internet famous and shit.”

My sides are in another fucking dimension. Holy shit.

This is a joke, right.

I pray to god that this dribbling window licker sticks to his god damn DayZ “I’m going to kill fresh spawns all day then scream stream sniper when I get killed” ways away from Rust. Last thing we need are his asinine “fans” running round loot farming for him.

“1v1 me @ chernobyl bridge fukin pussy & i dont mean cod”

Okay I’ll fight you faggot. Let me enable my scripts and we’ll do this shit.
You are fuckin dead kiddo.

Woah I didn’t know this guy has so many haters.
Apart from being a jerk deathmaching in dayz he seems like rather a cool guy to me.

He looks like a fucking joke and I never heard of him until now.

As someone who used to moderate his stream I can honestly tell you he is the most asinine, self centred gamer on the planet.

Unless you were a paid subscriber on his channel he didn’t give a crap about what you said unless it was against his play style. Then you were instantly banned.

Everyone who he killed “was a noob” and anyone who killed him was automatically a stream sniper. He would then cry to a server admin to get the guy banned.

Chats crap about “his” squad behind their backs, blaming everything that goes wrong on them so his self inflated ego bubble doesn’t burst.

And you think he’s a “cool guy”?.

He’s labeled “scumbag sacriel” for a reason.

ahhh sacriel how i hated you from day one. i hope he doesnt do rust gameplay

“And here I am spawn killing people with my M4 carbine. I’m such a pro player!”.

No offence but can we get this thread removed? We don’t want one of his brain dead, window licker followers finding this thread and running off crying to him.

He’s the type of person who would try to sue for “illegal” use of his name.

I’m okay to do it though, right buddy?

yea psi you can xD

Only if you don’t sit there spawn camping or hiding in a bush for half hour only to fire one shot :wink:

he doesnt kyono you should watch the 2 first impressions he did already on youtube

That’s not my play style in DayZ, that’s why I don’t play Breaking Point.