This is how the market blueprint system should be

I think the best way to do the blueprint system through the market is to:

A. Have 2 sets of blueprints. Set 1 will be the basic blueprints (stone hatchet, wooden wall, etc…). Set 2 will be “skins” for the basic blueprints with no or very little difference in how they work, they should be cosmetic. Set 1 will not be available in the market at all.

B. Once you get these blueprints, they will kick in ONLY once you unlock the basic blueprint, so nobody will have an advantage on a fresh wipe.

C. If possible they should be traded only, not sold or bought, NO REAL MONEY INVOLVED.

I believe adding a system like this would add a lot of variety to the game and would avoid the p2w issues, while still allowing people who have dedicated a lot of time and effort to the game something to show for that work on a fresh wipe. I’m not sure how you are planning to distribute the blueprints, but I hope it will be through looting in-game, not through a TF2 style “here is a blueprint because you have been online for 2 hours”. Just my thoughts. Anyone agree?

I think having skins be the only things people pay for is a good idea. I believe path of exile does something similar where pretty much anything you pay for is not a pay to win but rather pay to look cool.
Then in rust if someone died with that cool item the person who loots them can keep and covet that weapon but they themselves cannot create it. They could do skins for housing and all sorts of stuff so people could build “cooler” looking buildings but it doesn’t give them an sort of actual advantage, if anything it just makes them a bigger target.

Then they could have blue prints be trade-able if they really think its necessary but no options to sell things to each other through Rust or the steam store. Sure people would maybe find a way around that system to still buy them but i don’t think it’d be an overwhelming problem unless the drop rates for BP’s were insanely low.

doesn’t really need to be a new thread about this. try here

Not to mention he already more or less stated exactly what garry said.