This is how to fix your footsteps in game.

First, make sure Rust is closed.

Then, right click on Rust in your Steam Library, click Properties.

Go to the Betas tab on the far right, click the drop down menu, and click on Experimental - The latest updates - straight from …

Click ok, restart Steam.

Play Rust.

Now your feet are alive again. Enjoy.

SIDENOTE:: I was also told by someone that this fixed their sleeping bag issue, and was told by others it did not fix it. Its a hit or miss on Sleeping Bags it seems like.

Is it bad to bump posts? I still see people talking about this so figured Id help out again.

IF YOU GET THE STEAM ERROR: Corrupt Content Files then just restart Steam and start the update again, should work.

of course if you switch to the experimental branch you won’t be able to join the official servers

Ive been playing on the official servers all week with no problem

As long as you’re not spamming the word “bump” every few minutes, you should be good if you’re adding to the discussion.

This is only true when the network version for experimental changes and therefore isn’t compatible.

As I type this, the current experimental branch is compatible with live branch servers.

Seems like Garry has tried fixing it, let’s hope it fixes in the big patch on Friday.

I have two servers available to play on after this workaround… Ugh…

Default branch is updating right now, no need to switch to beta for this fix anymore it would seem.

Or, you could just update your client… :slight_smile: No need to be on beta for that. Footsteps are now working.

Yea now they’re working but for the past few days they haven’t been. It’s fun to play in the beta thing anyway you get to experience a few bugs or fixes that others don’t.

as snicker said, as long as you are contributing to the discussion no-one should mind. also, if the thread is particularly old, it might be better to make a new one.

Yep. Then when fewer updates are necessary and we have settled into an almost bug free game, we will look back and say…remember when… :slight_smile: