"This is impossible!" Spy not believing what random person tells him

C&C please


Fuck Fact:
I had to redo it 5 times because Gimp crashes randomly. :argh:

Lighting looks way fucked up, spys texture is a little off. except for that its good


look at his face

I really like the lighting, but there’s something weird about the Spy’s face.

The textures on the dark parts look very pixelated because of the shading I guess.
And he looks a little like he is glowing mate.

Whats wrong with it?

I see. Glowing spies arent cool. Wont take the TF2 Models to make uber shadows again. I dont think they fit each other.

Also, try making the faceposing look a bit stronger as well.

Yeh hes kinda expressionless.
Thanks for commenting.

Colors on his skin is extremely fucked O.o

Other then that is nice

I like the shadows.

Boring picture, nothing interesting about it really.

Well… I would like it if the light were repositioned, I don’t like how it covers the top part of his suit but only half of his face.