This is just pathetic.

Can some one please take this off I mean seriously why would some one make stupid hacks? It’s pointless and dumb so if any one can ban this kid -Fox- from the site and his download to be gone I’d be very happy. Thanks

Link to pointless download:

When TTT servers learn to beat the aimbot they have the right to bitch. That’s just my own oppinion.

I know, but still an ESP and aimbot is kinda pointless for Garry’s Mod don’t ya think?

Script Enforcer. It’s also not hard to see someone is aimbotting.

Well seems he’s already banned from one server because his pictures are from a server he was on and some one just happened to be on and he kinda got screwed lmfao, but yea hopefully this useless crap gets taken down.

Nor do I agree but, it’s not going to be taken down.

I also don’t see the difference between normal aimbots and this. A ttt type of hack would show traitors.

Besides, aimbots are useless unless you actually know who to shoot.

That is indeed pointless. You wouldn’t know the enemy still.

i didn’t see you get upset with this one

No one gives a shit about ESP/Aimbot/Wallhacks. They are lua clienside scripts and they are everywhere. I’m not sure what’s so different about this from any other clientside wallhacks though. What makes it so good for TTT?

Maybe that’s because I didn’t see that one? Yea sorry I don’t go on and search “Aimbot :D” I found the one on the main page and thought it was pretty damn stupid. So if you’re going to try to act like a smart ass then please do it right.

Who gives a shit about people posting stuff? There’s no rules for this, why should he be banned?

It’s a hack. Derp. I never said anything about others now did I? no so please read before you post anything. This thread was on one person. Not every one.

Don’t download it then, And for one Its not a hack, Its an lua Exploit Hacks are Bruteforce through Programing and programs that have a purpose to said hack

Don’t download them if you don’t need or like them, problem solved.

You’re not anwering my question. Why should he be banned? Lua aimbots and wallhacks are completely fine. There’s no rules for them. Don’t like it? Don’t download it.


It’s not an exploit, it’s just normal clientside scripts.

Well it’s took down, problem solved.

i don’t search “aimbot” on garrysmod either, this was on the front page when i saw it.

stop whining and leave the matter rest. you are making a mountain out of a mole hill

I also should point this out… Considering TTT is now apart of the Gmod Vanilla hacking in it with Bacon Bot would most likely get you vac’ed.