This is Like Some Modern Warfare 2 Shit!

Neat idea. Good execution too.

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why’d i say “good”? i meant, this is FUCKING GREAT

seriously, bravo yet again.

the atmosphere is great.

the lifelike poses, models, the map, etc. looks so real and authentic, in a way that gives the picture a certain aspect of sprightliness that a lot of pictures don’t achieve.

de_wanda could make for some more great screenies.

I mean that map is gorgeous

Yeah, I just found it recently. It’s definitely one of the best looking CSS maps out there.

The posing is excellent, and I like the whole blur thing with the phone. Nice work.

Great idea excellent execution too, awesome job!

Overall fantastic. Very natural.

Naw man, there ain’t no women in Modern Warfare. It’s a manly testosterone sausage fest.

But, this is a nice picture. Love Jill’s running pose. A minor thing that bugs me is Claire being stiff as a twig over there.

That’s the one thing that keeps bothering me besides her floating an inch off the ground.


Theres always some room for women in testerone rituals.

To be honest, I can’t see why everyone always blurs things near the viewpoint. It makes it look like the person is farsighted, and gives it an unrealistic edge, that camera is way too far away to be that blurry in any normal person’s vision.

i dunno man, i’m focusing my eyes on my monitor which is no more than two feet from my face while holding my hand at that distance and my hand is blurred to shit

maybe your eyes are fucked up or something

That last part would be true if the guy was focusing on the phone, but he’s not. He’d probably rather look at the actual thing happening instead of on the crappy phone quality.

Focusing on something far = blurry close things

i wanna be there!