"This is Marauder, target has been intercepted, over." (Viper & Joazzz)




C&C appreciated!

[SP]Credits to Joazzz for the edit and credits to Floater for the models. Thank you guys <3[/SP]

just realized that i should have done something about the windows. oh well

also you should thumb tag the original

Details of the cockpit are very well made. Good job.

More shadows in the interior might have been cool. But I’m just nitpicking. This is really cool, and definatley something I haven’t seen done this well on here.

also i thought this was for Esp Wars, had i known that you were making a thread i would have smoothed out the hands


Credits to Floater for the awesome model.

also the smoke is flat as fuck lol

This is something new for me. Well done Viper and Joazzz too.

Ok calm down man, you did a good job. You’re getting out of hand :v:

Do you even need us for C&C? :v

the day i start liking my handiwork is the day i stop making pictures

Shame about the hands, they’re a bit too low-poly for a FPS shot. Nice editing though.

Also, i know it’s nit-picking, but the attitude indicator on it’s current form would mean the plane is on the ground, but understandable since that would be hard to edit/change without advanced PP or changing the texture overall.

All of the dials and things in the cockpit are movable with the joint tool, i just guess Viper didn’t know that :v:

what if the plane has a real bad attitude

then the US Air Force is better than reported

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Way way too much oversharpening.

too much oversharpening? don’t you mean too much sharpening? but yeah i can agree with that

Ah, i didn’t pay any attention to the instruments. Thanks though.

Considering this is an first person shot, where is the HUD for the helmet? If you left it out to get a better view, that’s cool too, just wondering is all.

This looks like the 1960’s-70’s, so would they have had actual HUD’s yet? I genuinely don’t know.