This is my work...

I don’t really know what’s going on, but it looks pretty anyway.

What work?
To carry bodies?

OH MY GOD that’s terrifying.

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Nice editing imo

“Ah crap, the scrap disappeared again”

looks awesome

…and your work is simply awesome.

Engies going about their daily business, the one with a toolbox is erecting some new gear, the one with a wrench will repair the dispenser if it gets damaged, the one with the ragdoll just killed a spy, and the one catching the barrel along with another offscreen are picking up the remains of their recently sapped sentry. I think.

Bring out your dead!

engineers are dickheads when you play spy.
I really like editing.

probably because you’re sapping their shit all the time.

cool pose and edit regardless. liking that angle a lot

I love the post capture lighting, as an entry-level graphic designer I have to know how you did that.

Sorry, but I do not quite understand the essence of your question

can be accurately?