''This is 'Nam baby. looks don't count for shit in the jungle''

I mainly focused on his face. C&C, I need improvement.

Your new Perskin Looks Great!. Also love the green tint!.

Some folks are born, made to wave the flag…

I am liking your skin, Radley. Excellent work on the editing, have a palette.

You made me do it.

Can we have the model?? It’s fucking sweet just like your picture!:v:

I’d pay money for that model.

Neither do bowlegs.


M16A2 :smithicide:

Is that an M16A2 in Vietnam?!

Goodbye cruel world! Windowleap

Otherwise, I fucking adore it.

I am aware that I used the M16A2 instead of the m16 since the one I had had some shading errors and looked dumb ass fuck.

As for the model, probably gonna release it when I find someone who can hex.

Well, i can hex. :smile:

Loving these vietnam poses I keep running into in the screenshot section, great work.

that tigerstripe

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coincidentally it looks like you used the tigerstripe products pattern which i own a set of irl

jesus nobody cares go back to the airsoft forum

Awesome model and editing, historical errors aside :v:

His face is absolutely gorgeous.

Thought the Russian smoke grenades set it off a little bit.

oh for fucks sake why is everyone on facepunch a military analyst

More like “why does everyone have basic knowledge of guns?”.

“basic knowledge” is something you learn in school, not knowledge you learned from video games / imfdb.org.

I mean yes, there are historical inconsistencies, but it doesn’t detract from the aesthetic value of the picture, and we know it’s suppossed to take place in Vietnam.