This is not the best VIP treatment I've had.

I apologize for the poor jpeg quality.

I decided to make a short comic:

Edit: as a bonus, here’s an alternate angle of the rebel sniper group, since you can’t really see them very well.

I like it, though I don’t understand it.

I like it + concept except for poor posing on combun back.

The image quality and aliasing could use some work, but posing and angle are good. Just needs some editing I think.

Nice work overall!

Well, they’re in a pickle.
Very very nice concept

Hes using an m82 at rather close range.

360 quickscoping like a pro

Made a short comic.

well it’ll do the job

i.e. make a hole in whatever you point it at

i.e. the vip’s face

An assault rifle could do that as well at that close a range, I mean its ok, but he should be way far back if hes using a .50 cal sniper rifle.

you missed the joke