"This is Russian Power! *uckers!"


Hurr, Wall-e is on his head. Nice posing though.

is that joke?
it’s night vision, dude.

Nice posing, and the guy all the way to the right reminds me of Kamarov from CoD4

Because it is. It’s a direct port from COD 4. Nice posing, but a little generic.

LOL it is in a way. Nice pic and posing nevertheless.

They’re eyes are so…zombie like…

Only in Soviet Russia can boots magically go through the world.


Just a minor clipping issue :P. Nice posing though, really good.

Pretty nice posing, like how you threw a lefty in there. They’re always doing that, trying to sneak in with the normal people. :argh:

I want these models bad.

They’ve been released by dokk already…

Yeah Real.

Can you not try and form a sentence that… makes sense?

Very good posing!

The thing that stinks about those models is that they have permanent trigger finger postures, you could only pose two of them…the rest are just binded together.