This is Rust...

This is Rust… A lone wolf journey

  1. Go to Rust forums, seek out online community to join, read and obey rules, join Rust Server with Clan, gang bang and torment all the lonies and rival groups, you bore of dominance and easy of play, you move on to next step
  2. Join Server, seek out or form random large groups to wage war, gang bang and torment all the lonies and rival groups, tell lonies if you don’t like it leave, play until you or someone in your group leaves or backstabs, you move on to next step
  3. Run around as a nomadic lonie, be a KOs asshole, camp in hideaways and ambush, you get killed over and over by the group baddies, you decide to move to next step
  4. You buy a server that you can control and admin YOUR WAY, you grow your server, you run around as a lonie and admin help, groups join, hackers join, you re-evaluate the costs to end up back at step(s) 1,2, you move to next step
  5. You make your server private, build a massive a base with your uber resources, enjoy the beautiful scenery and neat new upgrades, you run around screaming HELLO, HELLO, HELLO, no one answers, you shutdown the server and move to next step
  6. You play rarely in small spurts, running around with a bow and arrows improving your shooting and sneak skills, you bore easy having been at the top in days past, you move to next step
  7. You’re happy to have dabbled in MMPOG and buy a new game in a different genre. That was Rust…

Most of these scenarios are either not lone wolf, or are non-typical (IMO) lone wolves.

Get creative. I split off from my group for a few days after getting 3 starter homes raided. I went out and explored, found a house, relieved the owners from their property management duties, and turned it into a murder house.

I then went around offering help to fresh spawns. They of course would accept my offer of free tools and gear, and I would lead them into a small waiting room with twig floors. Then I’d break the floor and they would fall into a room with signs saying crazy shit about eating people, murdering people, torturing people, etc.

I’d stand on a ledge above them and ask them about how they wanted to die - which usually consisted of choosing whatever weapons I had in my inventory. Then as they laid there wounded I’d whisper creepy things in their ears about keeping their skulls and bones safe.

So basically I pretended to be a serial killer for a few days. It got boring after a while, but then I went back to doing other stuff. Anyway, be creative. Make your own game - you don’t have to play it the way everybody else is.

When I start playing Rust again this is exactly what I’m going to start doing.

It was pretty damn entertaining. The reactions from people were hilarious. The best was one guy chose to die by hatchet (thinking he might kill me). So I got naked and jumped down into the room with him, but all he had was the wooden hammer, which doesn’t do any damage. I laughed and told him to keep him hitting me, that he would soon be in a better place, and I would keep his skull safe with all the others. Then I chopped him up and placed his pieces in a box outside for hungry travelers.

your such a baddie :slight_smile:
the Walls of terror.
Its all about the journey… And the carnage.

You feed the poor too?! I fucking love you!

It’s easy to be a baddie when people are trapped in your house with nothing more than a rock. I had quite a few hair raising games of cat and mouse with more well armed opponents. However, many of them succumbed to my spiked barriers and snap traps. A few got me though with well placed shots from their Ak’s.

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I’m not sure if people ate it, but the meat was always gone. I used to place it in campfires with a little wood too. Just to encourage the cannibalism.