This is Sandvich! [Garry's mod TF2 "This is sparta" spoof video]

I recently was trying to make something with Video assistant 4 in garry’s mod, and I made this:

Tell me what you think, don’t be too harsh on me, I haven’t had much practice :slight_smile:

I felt like I was looking at Scout for far too long and nothing happened.

You could have used some more keyframes and added faceposing for more emotion.

Look at this video on my alt channel:

This is a quick test video I made in SMH. Try to keep the frames many when you need smooth movement and use less when you want a walking cycle or action sequence.

If you want me to give you some more pointers, send me a message or something.

Thanks a lot! And yeah, I thought I recorded something else to fill in that time period, but I forgot to add it in while editing. Thanks a lot though!