This is starting to bother me. Getting your map noticed?

So, a few days ago I released my map, KOTH_Fightyard, for TF2. I’ve uploaded the map to Gamebanana, SPUF, TF2’s Filefront page, as well as here. I haven’t received any feedback on the map yet. The downloads are slowly rising on Gamebanana, and the only good reply I’ve gotten was someone saying they’d test it out and return afterwards, which never happened.

I’m not getting any feedback on this thing, and it’s starting to bother me. Certainly it’s not so bad that people just can’t comment on it? It’s been uploaded to 4 different websites, and it’s been like 4 days since I’ve uploaded the map and not a single “Oh wow your map is great!” or “This map sucks” has been posted.

What gives?

I released somethings on Gamebanana and got tons of downloads but no feedback. You’re probably better off asking for feedback on forums like this very forum for example. You need to somewhat advertise the fact you want feedback.

yeah, if you don’t ask for it, people just don’t give a fuck.


Ok then, would someone care to leave some feedback for my map then?

Generally a map has to really grab my attention for me to download it. If you ask me directly i will run a test and give you thorough feedback on it. Running it now. Expect a wedge of bugs and feedback.

In advance though, i will say that in order for the map to be noticed, it has to be loud and swaggery. Make it interesting, make it look interesting, have a loud and interesting feature, gameplay element, anything that seperates it from the rest of the maps out there.

Ok…all i can say is that it is a nice map. There is nothing wrong with it, but it isn’t that special. It isn’t beautiful or ingenious, or mental. It is merely a nice map.

What I’ve noticed is that it’s all about simplicity of the presentation before the release.

  1. simple straight forward name
  2. video advertisement
  3. screenshots depicting the best features of the map.

Through the video advert you can make changes to your map based on feedback. You want the players hooked before they even play. So when it releases their mind is blown.

Really, a map has to be good to be noticed. Unless it’s exciting and different, nobody will play it.