This is the longest game of "lets see how long it takes for GW to send me a cease and desist" I've ever played.

Long live ionus fuck these gay alien sympathizing cunts

i like this scene Xana

it is very good

So GW stands for Global Warming? George Double-u?

Pic is neato, but i’d try to center it on the guy in mid. You took too much on the left.

Games Workshop, the creators of Warhammer

Why would they C&D him?

probably a jab at how… legally jumpy GW is when it comes to the Warhammer IP and things copying it

don’t worry Xana they can’t sue unless you give your characters pauldrons of a certain shape and size. they’ve actually copyrighted the geometric dimensions of Space Marine shoulders.

oh my god wot :V

I know for a fact they made the Astra militarum because they couldn’t copyright the Imperial Guard, which is why I’m using it so sparingly in my stuff. But goddamn, I shouldn’t even be surprised.

That moment when you can’t tell if someone’s joking or if they’re serious because of a company’s legal history…

dead serious

Throne alive.

You’re confusing some things here. GW didn’t patent the design. But they claim that chapterhouse infringed on the design on the basis of copyright. Which isn’t the same as a patent. It’s a creator right and is automatic in most cases. IT’s also pretty evident from the case, where GW was forced to drop a number of the products, as the creators were not their employees at the time.

as far as i care, i’m not.