This is to do with Steam profiles and nothing to do with Rust. And it's also largely nonsense.

I tried… Okay Valve doesn’t care. The issue and incident happened in Rust which is why it was ranted here. I was pissed. My personal information was plastered online by the happy little elves in this community. I seem to have magic’d upon the method they used.

EFF says to NOT provide proof of concept without the companies involved providing legal indemnity. You a lawyer for Valve or Facepunch? No? You a lawyer for EFF? No?

Go read the EFF’s website on disclosure then come back here and play nice, okay?

It doesn’t really take a lawyer to realize you’re barking up all the wrong trees. The EFF is an advocacy group and don’t have any authority anywhere. You yourself admitted that this was a problem with Steam and not Rust. So what exactly are you looking to achieve here? You could be ranting at your ISP since it happened over your connection too, and they’d have just as little to do with Steam’s privacy policy as FP does.

ok, so ignoring that i don’t understand the exact complaint; you say that you know it is steam (valve) not fp responsible for “the issue”.

so basically you want a company that is not directly in control of a feature, to fix problems with the feature, but you won’t tell them what those problems are because “legal reasons”.

why the hell have you opened a second thread then?

shit like doxxing is a newfags power trip. and it doesn’t take loopholes in a privacy policy, it takes people providing too much information online.

lmao making 2 big of a fuss.
leak it, and valve will be forced to fix it. as simple as that sigh.

also what the fuck does rust have to do with this?
wake up dude holy shit.

Like I said, you don’t need to literally give people a step by step on doing it to get people to believe you that its a problem. You aren’t even saying what exactly you mean by a PROPER privacy mode?

Again if it’s true then its a pain, but I stand by that people should never have any kind of information that can identify them on their profile regardless of their privacy settings on there. Not that this shouldnt be fixed, but it also wouldnt be as much of a problem if there was no info on there to find in the first place.

OK, I’ve made two attempts to reach out to you and try and assist you, both times you have completely ignored it, it seems your issue is with Valve so take it up with them.