This is to Face Punch Administrators. VAC Banned!

I have been VAC Banned from rust because I used a program called " Jacked Rust" and “Titanium Loader” Please hear my story.

Im going to start from the beginning. So I bought rust about 3 months ago and I thought it was a great game. I played it for about 3 weeks without hacks and then I got kinda bored of it so i never really played it anymore. So about 1 month after that I had a friend stay at my house for the night and he played rust alot. He wanted to play rust on my computer so I let him. My parents said I needed a hair cut, so I went and got a haircut while my friend played rust. So I was gone for about 30 minutes, and came back and saw he was super jumping. I said “how are you doing that” he said “I downloaded hacks”. I thought that it was cool that he did that. So he let me on, and I was super jumping and super speed and I loved it. Then I said “Do alot of people have this?” and he said “yeah before they get banned”. I started to get mad because I didn’t want to get VAC banned. I told him to delete them and he said it doesn’t matter because VAC logs hackers. I said he owed me twenty bucks for the payment of the game. He only gave me $5 back. He says that’s all he had. He said “just keep the hacks because your going to get banned anyway.” I said ok. A couple days later I was playing on a server and it said I had been VAC Banned. That’s what got me on this Forum. I completely understand why you wouldn’t unban me account. I know VAC has a no tolerance for Cheats,Hacks, mods. It would mean a lot to me if you guys would give me one extra chance with VAC and unban my account.

Thank You for reading this.

Steam Account: anonymous3.

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

Facepunch can’t do anything in regards to VAC. It is a completely automated system handled by Valve, and Valve only.

Nice friend you got.

Hello 99Anonymous99,

We are sad to hear that you were banned by the Facepunch©™ VAC® system. I have put in a request for the administrators of the system to unban your account for this ** one time only**. We ask that you not use hacks in Rust or any games in the future.

Best regards,
FacePunch Staff.

Thank You for helping toaster468. I promise not to use any Hacks or anything again.

Thanks again.

You’re not getting unbanned. It’s only happened once and that was because of a faulty dll update or such on a CoD game that affected about 12 users.

That hurt my brain to read. Funny though.

On a serious note.

Vac won’t unban you. And Facepunch and it’s moderators can’t do anything.

12? I thought it was well over 1000.

I had a k in there, but my phone removed it.

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It was a lot, let’s put it that way.

Thanks anyway guys. Worth a shot.

There have been multiple false positive mistakes, but none so large as the 12k MW2 DLL push fuckup.

But I’ve not once seen positive proof of a false VAC ban for Rust, and I’ve asked hundreds of retar… VAC-banned users to provide proof when Steam Support unbans them because it was clearly their fault that the poor innocent poster got banned. Strangely, nobody ever comes back with an unban. (I actually saw someone claim they were unbanned; Steam profile proved otherwise. :v:)

Also, 99Anonymous99, you’re responsible for your Steam account no matter who you let access it. Tell your friend you’ll castrate him if he downloads hacks on your Steam profile again, because this will keep happening.

Note: I am not encouraging you to actually castrate him. Or anyone.

Hey, at least this one is literate.
That alone makes me want to travel to Valves HQ and demand to speak to their superiors.

I only know one literate person with correct grammar that claimed to be vac banned falsely, was from csgo though

– bolded language has been added.

Nice try, and creative attempt. Why you actually admit to using the cheats, yourself, is beyond me. Its not like any of us could check to see whether you used the hacks yourself, or not, and Steam is never going to even see this…

Even by your own story you cheated and you knew you were cheating. Maybe there is a life lesson there for you.


that’s just cruel toaster XD

it sucks that you got banned, but it was done for legit reasons and in honesty, you need to wear it. as you said, you were playing with hacks. your friend sounds like an asshole, and he owes you $15. but this is a lesson for you; you are responsible for your account, and your pc. don’t let your “friend” play with hacks on your computer, and don’t let them use your account for it and you wont be VAC banned.

Good Luck with your next account. and FFS delete/uninstall those hacks before you play, just in case they autorun enough to get you banned again.

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I would suggest telling steam admins not facepunch…

i wish there was a thing that existed, where you could explain something, and the back it up by credible fact, we could call it… “proof”… see what i did there? If you didn’t, i’m basically saying that i don’t believe that your " friend" just gave you hacks, fully knowing that it would get you banned ( if its true he’s a really shitty friend) and that your “friend” refused to pay you back once you actually got banned. I think you wanted to see what all the fuss was about, went around hacking, and then when you got caught, you made up one of the typical " it wasn’t my fault" stories, also, if you go to steam admins with this story, i PROMISE you, they will probably send you an email of goatse and at the bottom tell you to fuck off.

“My friend gave me hacks” is probably right up there with “my dog ate my homework” at this point.

Two possibilities:
-you’re a retard believing the friend excuse will work;
-you’re a retard calling this guy a friend;
Just punch him in the face for me, okay ?