This is what happens when you drink to much Bonk!

Your skin starts to turn all funny and sooner or later you look similar to a zombie. Meaning, Bonk can drive you towards your death.

I always knew about that bonk…Low amounts of Radiation my ass!
Have an arty.

radiation does not do this
you would have cancer.
and tumors the size of fucking footballs

Actally radiation causes mutation within cells at a certain level which results in many things, such as like you said cancer.


Get out. I said mutation, not turning into something from the back of someones twisted mind.

Boy, that ain’t radiation, that right there…is green flu. The main formula contains 10% of it, drinking 10 bonks would lead to 100%, then making you infected.(this post is related to l4d)

i was joking.
also i am a misanthropic. near-nazist, world-consuming anal-probing asshole. please disregard any comments i made

The skin looks bad, but if you didn’t make it that is not your fualt.

I didn’t make the skin, I got it from the gmod site.