This is what happens when you need a model but don't have any idea how to.

So, I don’t really know how to make models for GMod or any Source Engine game. So I used SWEP Construction Kit + manual editing to get this!

I’ve spent a shit ton of hours, what do you think about it? Was it worth?

It looks good, but i don’t see why a bar in the middle of the view is necessary

It was for debugging purposes (more or less), I think that I should’ve removed it for the video.

Show me how you made it, I ish too stupid for the construction kit, to make animations etc ;w;

To be honest, it’s a really messy code XD

I used clientside variables combined with Lerp to make them smooth.

For example, for the attack animation, I have a serverside variable that controls how far the arrow is going to be thrown, and then it’s sent to the client.

On the client, I have two variables, one containing the raw “throw” value and another one, which will be a Lerp of that value so the animation is smooth, and then on a clientside Think function I move the angles/positions of the needed parts with that value.

And for the reload, I do something similar with a help of a boolean to know if it’s reloading (to trigger the animation) which is sent by the server.

With that, and acknowledging when there’s ammo and when there’s not (to make the arrow disappear and prepare the model to do the animation) you’ll be done.

It’s actually complicated if you’re not familiar with this ^^’’ that’s why I spent a good bunch of hours.

Nevertheless, I encourage you to try it.