This is what i do when i start off fresh...kinda

But honestly, that guy scared the shit out of me!! idk why the quality after rendering is so bad, sorry for that.

Haha short & sweet+ nice editing :v: Good one!

Hahahah…“But I just went away to get a soda…”

That sucks hard for them

Ha yeah great editing.

Why even build a base if you’re going to leave a giant hole in the roof? What a couple of tards.

Funny video, but why didn’t you killed him with stone hatchet?

We think alike my friend lol. I thought you were done for when you turned around.

Haha, it scared the shit out of me

I was expecting some greifing but it turn out funnier and better than I thought xD

Edit: Sub’d cause you funny

You really don’t have to be an architect to know that a “base” needs at least some kind of basic protection. Even a predesigned shelter with a wooden door is safer than that.
Some players really deserve to die in pain and agony in this game for their level of IQ.
Full Kevlar but stupid as fuck

Haha, thank you!

Hahaha, i could not agree more

very funny!!!

Thank you, kind sir!

The problem with building is what ever you design, it will always be open until you are done. Building a 5 story complex? Until you drop the last ceiling panel in place, you can get in from the top. It’s obvious that they were adding a second story to the building but didn’t have the resources yet to build it. That’s the problem with starting out. You need a place to put stuff and a furnace to smelt ore so either you build a 1x1 for now and build everything twice or take the chance that you can finish your tower before being raided.

Not everyone is that smart you know. But yeah, i do the same as you mentioned, hidden 1x1 house untill i get the resources.

Honestly this is one of the best videos I’ve seen for rust so far!

haha, very nice! subbed to ya i liked it so much

i have no remorse for those who fail like this. Unless that afk guy had to take a leak and was planning on finishing that second floor seconds after you got there. But regardless thats a nice score. With a little bit of creativity you could even steal the house. block off their door then add a second story entrance

hahaha “It was at this moment that Nathan knew. He fucked up.”

Genius :smiley:

Wow, thank you, means alot! Will try to keep these comming!

Cheers mate! Glad you enjoyed it. The support on this thread is amazing, thank you guys so much. Was not expecting this lovely feedback.