This is what rp does to you!
Line 60 is where it begins

I think he was just trollin’ the both of them.

If he was serious, Then he is only around 12, He’ll grow out of it.

You wouldn’t understand how serious he was.

I facepalmed. Llamalords was trolled.


lol just reading through half of it… you can almost tell that this kid will be arrested (or shot on sight) for a public massacre, then blame Valve, and a bunch of anti-game organizations will sue Valve because of some kid who’s already messed up in the head. (unless he be trollin, but he’s a pretty good troll if he is)

I know LL and I give him the Medal of Lawl. All I have to say is if Combine exist when the fuck is WOTS gonna happen in Gmod?

Soon. There will be billions, no, trillions, of mingebags just out of the blue! We won’t be able to fight them! WOTS was not real, that was fiction! There will be no one to stop them! I’m already training, you know…to join them…

EDIT: In all seriousness, either that was a troll, or he’s twelve. Or both. I can’t see anyone “living the lifestyle of Gmod.” Wake up, spawn breakfast from the menu, build a catapult to throw the remains of your meal into a lake, fight some zombies, have sex with Alyx, repeat, repeat, repeat, spawn lunch…need I say more? I know some WoW addicts that aren’t as serious as he sounded. He was probably a troll, but even so, I can’t get the image out of my head that there are more like him.

gives you a cookie
Dude now that would be really funny everyone lets troll the poor combine believer and torcher him by talking about war of the servers and all that shit.

Wait… What?

Oh yeah, I just noticed that now too.

I lol’d harder than in a long time.

It would be like the Korean War with the chinese soldiers rushing at Americans as a machine gun blasts them away.

WTF. He thinks that combines are real but gordon isn’t?
he is trolling either or he got his head screwed up

Lets unscrew it :smiley: grabs mental screwdriver and a box of porno

It’s an obvious troll, and on the off chance it’s not, he’ll be dead in a few weeks anyway.

this kid is convinced he can join a fictional, multi-dimensional empire, because he is training in advance.

he needs to read this

then he might also notice that Combine wouldn’t need to be very picky about getting soldiers, as it wouldn’t matter if a person joined voluntarily or was being forced.

They won’t remember anything :smiley:



Obvious troll [sp]is obvious[/sp]