This is why cheaters keep coming back

Originally posted on /r/playrust. Credits to deathStar97 on reddit for making the original post on reddit.

I though that I really needed to share this to the heart of the community, because this has a big impact on cheating, refunding etc. And garry really needs to see this.

old news. like really old news. the issue is with steam’s refund policy though, so fp have absolutely no say in it.

Okay, didn’t know when this was fixed. I assumed that it was this time due to the time OP in reddit posted.


I checked the forum which were this was posted. And found out that the post wasn’t old at all. OP started the thread for about 2 ago.

And I know FP and dev team can’t do anything about this themselves, though there must be a way for garry to contact steam etc.

the reddit thread is new, but the issue is very old. no idea why they feel the need to bring it up as if it’s breaking news.

unfortunately, i don’t see steam paying much attention to what fp have to say about their refund policy, but hopefully EAC’s cheater logs might give them some insight into the problem.