This is why I love this game so very much

EDIT: I wanted to respond to a lot of the hate.

On the servers I am established on we do raid and pillage as much as we can, but we do it against well off targets. We do it against bases that provide us with more goods to have more power. When I come across friendly fresh spawns and I’m not in a dangerous spot I will give them full sets of armor, food and weapons that we acquired during the raids. I’ll try to inform them where the dangerous parts of the map are and how to stay alive.

“what’s wrong with the game” is not people like me who take advantage of the kinder rich folk to further my own survival, its the roaming bands of dupers with 100s of C4 that blow apart every structure and kill everyone they see on sight.

You are what’s wrong with the game.

LOL i would’ve done the same thing, ^^ the guy on top of me is mad. Get good, and stop being a noob !

Congratulations, you’ve officially deemed yourself as a grade A asshole. Players like you makes up a huge chunk of reasons of why a lot of people have an extremely negative first-impression for Rust.


When someone LETS you live and lets you take your stuff back, you don’t kill them, at one point the same thing will happen to you and you will realize how much of a dickhead move that was.


If they don’t like it, then just don’t play it.

You’re the kind of person that everyone hates. Grow up dude.

Only takes one like you to mess things up.

Wow, you suck.

If you can’t handle that type of gameplay, then don’t play the game. It’s simple.

That’s like saying you hate World of Warcraft because it’s multiplayer. It’s part of the game. It’s part of how the game is played. You can’t expect people to only play the game how you want to play it. Sure, you can dislike people that play that way, but you still have to accept it.

You suck really hardly. Go play Call of Duty you little hero…

Hate such kind of stupid people!

yeah i stopped trusting people all together, reject all offers to team up. you get in my safe zone i shoot you dead.

Not the way i want to play the game, but according to the rules its the way you have to play if you want to actually play the game.

I dont play as much or as often, not really looking for a survival CoD, i think as long as modern weapon exist thats what this game is going to be.

Well done.

I agree. This is why I love this game so very much

And then people wonder why people just kos instead of being nice…

i laughed, and have probably done that before, but when watching you do it you look like a dick.

It’s after all a PvP game. If you don’t wanna get killed/lured then play on a PvE server.

I like these kind of things.

this wouldn’t bother me if it wasn’t for the metagaming. shooting them both while they’re looking the other direction? that’s fine, if dastardly. doing it while they’re both out of the game and not able to respond? shit dude I mean come on.

your voice is fucking annoying

Allways be on your guard.
Never trust other players that you dont know.

He played it smart (very dirty, but smart)

Its all about deception