This is Why we had such a FPS drop for low spec/other pcs

Hey guys, i’ve figured out why we have all had a such a high drop in frames.
If your anything like me and have a low spec PC or just have problems with rust in general, i’m sure you were using Terrain Quality slider in the f2 menu.
WELP this has no effect so terrain quality is always set to max, and welp before the last patch i was getting at least 30-35 fps.
It has effectively killed my FPS and i’m down to around 10-14 fps max.
a hotfix or something would be appreciated if possible, not sure if this was planned but you killed me ever playing rust again lol.
You may go test it though, The slider will move but there is no effect what so ever to the terrain quality in game.
Edit: Actually you can’t even change the property terrain.quality # to anything in console well you can it just does nothing…
Good job face punch lets hope it’s fixed next patch! because you have ruined a lot of peoples experiences.
But really should we even expect more? lol Takes 20$ from 1.5million people and says Fuck you low spec dumbasses DITCHED Garry Newman #1.

Why the angry at the end? If this is happening for you then it’s an obvious bug and will be fixed. Here’s an idea. Why not just report it nicely on here and see what happens ay?

No need at all with the disgusting attitude towards the end is there? Nope. People that complain like you need to realise what real world problems are.

EDIT: For the record the slider works fine for me.

Yeah bud, i read it before you posted the edit and appreciated it a lot more.

Yea that was uncalled for i’m just upset because It’s like the same process, always a game breaking bug i mean i worked hard to get this game i know people cry “alpha” but its been alpha for nearly 2 years… i just expect more for a game thats brought millions in worth of revenue and i know there wont be a hotfix, also prob. wont be fixed in the next few patches… also was told by facepunch staff “fuck off, the game is meant for higher end users and we dont care if you can run it or not buy a new pc” thats really nice of them lol

Let’s conveniently skip over the fact that they started over from scratch last February because legacy was an unmaintainable mess because it was never meant to be so popular and was meant to all be replaced someday anyway. Let’s forget that 3-4 years is the typical time to build a game; traditionally, you wouldn’t hear anything about it for the first year or two while it was buggy and raw like it is right now.

Legacy was for prototyping and figuring out what kind of things might work, and then they started over to get a clean foundation, and improvement’s been much more rapid.

Got a link or proof of this? I’ve never known any FP staff, garry included, to tell a user who owns one or more FP games to be told to fuck off when contacting them for support. It sounds like you’re making shit up, or at least misquoting them, but I’ll own up to being wrong if proven.

that’s not something even garry with his sarcastic/caustic sense of wit would say. as elix posted, proof needed on that one. and just to pre-empt a little, not everyone who says they are FP staff ARE, though of course that depends on the route of communication.

If he DID get a message iy was probably a gold member I’d bet, haha. For the record, gold members definitely aren’t staff.

And for that matter, what are your PC specs anyways? Don’t be such a pompous ass when reporting bugs. You’re acting as if this problem is a direct personal attack on you. It isn’t.