"This is why we never take you fishing."

Wanted to make a quickie and this was the first thought.

Three things I ask of this time:
1: C&C as usual.
2: Pose ideas if any
3: Help with a map error

I can’t get the skybox to work properly in the night version. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe skybox uses the game you don’t own?

Nobody wants to do FPM. :<

I sincerely doubt it would. I pretty much own all of the games.

Haha, I like it, but the badly textured boat kinda killed the mood…

Lets massacre the fishes.
Boat looks odd, but a funny picture.

I would take him fishing…

Shark fishing.

All of them mounted in gmod? Updated? Maybe the cash of hl2ep1/ep2 is damaged?

All mounted, checked, clear. I have no clue as to what it could be.

God I hate the boat but the picture made me giggled.

Haha, made me sneer. Good job.

Love it.

I like this a lot!

‘‘Stand still I’m tryin’ to saw you in two not shag you!’’

Or is he?