This Isn't Home

The combine want city 17 to be your home. But it can’t.

I apologize for my giant pictures. I have a big computer screen.
I’m practicing for some simple but interesting pictures. C&C PLEASE

They are really nice and calming. First one is new background.

Can I edit the second?



Rated heart.

Civil Protection: “You ain’t in Kansas anymore, citizen.”
Citizen: “I know. This just doesn’t feel like home, damn you!”

This really isn’t bad.

Makes me really feel for that citizen, man.

how you launch superDof?
it’s nod working

I don’t know, got an update one day and it worked again. Not a snigle problem since.

weird mines never been broken

Thanks for the ratings guys. Any criticsm?

My only criticism is how dated the HL2 textures look to me now.

But that’ hardly criticism :v: