This isn't the normal enemy today men, it's.. supernatural species - First Screenshot

cut the bullshit, shit happened, these were the last men left of the battle so they grouped together blah blah, nazi supernatural species invade this town.

tl;dr nazi zombies, russians and germans working together, first screenshot

Your sir, shall receive an artistic for your first services. But not a normal artistic, it’s covered in gold and you shall forever hold it within your heart.

Good job, mang. Especially for a first screenshot. Just make sure your graphics are on the highest settings and the jpeg quality is set to 100.

noted, and thanks bro

Nice for a first.

thanks again

Greatest first I’ve seen many gold plated artistic to you good sir


Wait wait wait… a big scaled and well posed first picture?
You win sir, artistics everywhere.

Great for a first screenshot, as already mentioned. And nice avatar, I love the Blues Brothers.

WAIT WAIT WAIT AND YOU HAVE HALF DEAD’S RUSSIANS? That would be much appreciated if you could upload them and give him the link, the silly lost them.

Those are bloo’s

thanks for the rainbow tastic wood and the comments

So uh…how’d you get those models?

They’re private.

Have a palette. Great work, especially for a first.

Posing is definitely good for a first.

i’m a friend of bloos from school